Sihanokville, Koh Rong and Bangkok

I arrived in Sihanokville expecting a nice beach town, what I found was something totally different. It was a dirty and busy place. Cheap Casinos lined the street alongside cheap bars. The beach itself was strewn with rubbish and remnants of the previous nights party’s.

As you can probably tell I wasn’t impressed with the place. I had myself a massage and settled in for a bit of R and R watching the latest series of Broadchurch.

As luck would have it two of the guys from my the Gibbon Experience Chris and Kim, had arrived while I was in Sihanokville. We met up and had a few drinks and a curry before a nice evening playing pool. I discovered that the German pool rules are very different to English pool!

I was determined to stay awake for the Reading Play off second leg that night, however Chris and Kim were off to bed early!

Fortunately I was contacted by the lovely Joanna, who I had met in Da Lat who upon seeing I was in Sihanokville, via Facebook, invited me out for a catch up! I left to watch the Reading game at 2am, really quite drunk.

This got progressively worse as I sat in my hostel foyer, watching a crappy stream, sipping beer. The game was tense so I ended up sipping quite a few beers. The tense game was settled by a Reading penalty, and the final whistle left me face timing people In the Uk and Spain in celebration, before running around cheering along the streets of a quiet Sihanokville (it was 4am)


The following day a boarded a boat to Koh Rong, a island about an hour away from Sihanokville.

I had booked myself a little bungalow on the beach, away from the main town. I wasn’t disappointed. My hosts sent out a boat to pick me up and dropped me off on a quiet beach.

My small bungalow was perfect. Wooden and on the sands. Paradise. Well except for the sheer amount of bugs when the sun went down! Thank god for mosquito nets!

The beach was quiet and quite clean and the bungalows offered dive trips. Perfect.

I spent my time here relaxing on the beach and reading. It was just so amazing to be somewhere so quiet and beautiful.

The only let down was the quality of the dives. The visibility wasn’t great, the waters were overfished and the reefs were all at depth of under 10 metres!! Not exactly a challenge! But again it was nice to be underwater!!!!

I would have happily stayed here longer but the bungalows were booked up so I was off again after 3 nights.

I left Koh rong and 37 hour later arrived in Bangkok! I had a 9 hour wait between ferry and bus, which was spent in the Top Cat cinema. Not a traditional cinema, you rent a room and have the choice of thousands of movies to watch. With 9 hours to kill I chose 2 longer films! Gangs of New York and Shutter Island! It killed the time quite well!

A nice long bus ride into Thailand followed! It had a bed so wasn’t all bad, however I didn’t really get much sleep!

When I got to Bangkok I was absolutely dead! I could have slept for a week!

I got a message from Joanna that she was in Bangkok also so we met up for a few drinks before going to the Sky Bar. The bar made famous by the hangover movie.


A very posh bar offering panoramic views of the city! We stayed for one drink (it cost nearly £20 for that one drink!) before heading to Khoa san road. The famous party street.

The night was spent dancing in the street drinking cheap spirits out of buckets. However for such a crazy place, it was dead by 2am! I was ready to keep partying but it just totally died! I wasnt too impressed!

I explored a bit of the area I was staying in, Silom, but truth be told I was exhausted by this point. I was worn out by being constantly on the move. id been away for 7 months and hadn’t stayed still once! It was beginning to wear me down!

Coupled with the crazy storms that were coming through Bangkok i just chilled inside! It was too wet to venture out!

I wanted the next few days to disappear so I could be off to Penang for my long awaited adventure!

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