Big Fat Greek Wedding

I was on my way home.

There had been weather reports all over the Caribbean as hurricanes had decimated island communities.

One was heading towards Miami and there were warnings abound. Sods law Miami was my route home!

I landed in Miami and had 45 minutes until my next plane departed. I was rushed through customs and immigration and lead, on the back of a golf buggy to my flight. I felt like a VIP, albeit a VIP who with soiled underwear at the thought of missing my plane!

I made the flight with minutes to spare and set off to London. It was a terribly bumpy flight, but I made it back.

I was lucky to get back, not just in making my plane but because not 2 hours later they closed Miami Airport in preparation of the hurricane.

I spent a few days in the midlands with mum before heading back down south. I spent a lovely evening catching up with some friends before heading to Dads.

Tom was back so we went to a Reading game before and I went to the Newbury Ale and Cider festival. It was a great evening, catching up with Dave, Andy and Ollie. Its amazing how much you drink when only having a half pint at a time.


There were over 100 types of cider, so I was spoilt for choice! I didn’t make the 100 but I had a good go. Ciders ranged from Blood Orange cider to Toffee apple cider. Some were much nicer than others.

The following morning, with a very sore head, tom and I headed to the airport. We met Beth at arrivals and off we went to Greece for my Dads wedding.


We met up with Dad and Natalie and had a nice catch up meal and plenty of wine. It was lovely for us all to be together. It had been well over a year since that had happened.

The wedding was at the end of the week, so we had some time to spend together.

With Beth and Tom being qualified divers, it was obvious that we would go for a dive together.

I had no idea what to expect in the waters of Santorini or from Tom and Beth. We suited up and set off. The water was a few degrees colder than Utila, so I wore a wetsuit, we also had Steel tanks, so it was a guess as to how much weight we would all use.

It was very strange diving with a different operation and seeing how they operated, however when they gave my brother 10kg to dive with I knew it was too much. I told Tom but also doubted myself. This was a real dive shop after all.

Low and behold tom struggled on the first dive. He was far too overweighed. We also went down to 23M, 5 deeper than Tom and Beth were certified too. It was a bit of a farce.  I spent a lot of the 2 dives helping Tom, who had removed over half of the weights he had been given!

It was great diving with Tom and Beth but also an eye opener into the bad practises of other shops.


Some more of my family arrived midweek and it was lovely to see my Auntie, Uncle and cousins.

Family had come from Spain, Canada, Czech Republic and Honduras to be at the wedding and I’m sure Dad appreciated it a lot!

A few days before the wedding Tom Beth and I took Dad out for his Stag do. He was adamant he wouldn’t have one so instead of strippers and shots we went for a different approach.

Santorini is famous for its wines, so we went for a tour of the vineyard, complete with wine tasting. Not being a wine drinking I admit I was a bit tipsy afterwards!

Next stop was a round of mini golf, which got amusingly competitive, especially after all the wine and meat we had already had!

Next, was something which is fast becoming a tradition, was an escape room. In keeping with the theme of the day, we escaped from the wine cellar.


We finished the stag do at a posh restaurant. It was a fantastic day and one I will remember for a long time. I hope Dad got the stag do he wanted!

When I went to Canada I had introduced my cousins and auntie to the joys of escape rooms. So of course, we partook in one with them while we were there! There were a lot of us, so it was quite crowded, but we escaped!


At last we came to the big day. Tom and I were best men while Beth was a Bridesmaid.

We spent some time getting suited a booted and posing for photos before heading off to the venue.

The stunning venue was at the top of a cliff and the weather was perfect. Shining sun and a blue sky. We grabbed some champagne and took our places next to Dad.

The music started and down walked the Bridal Party.

It was a lovely ceremony, the Greek pastor amusing me greatly with his accent.

When it came to being a witness Natalie chose her father while Dad looked to Tom and I. 2 brothers, one witness. A quick round of rock paper scissors was the only option. Unfortunately, Tom knows I always go for trusty rock. So, I had to be content with witnessing the witness.

Off we went to the reception. More champagne and canapés followed. Dad and we all and Natalie arrived and we all partook in some Greek dancing and watched as they cut the cake.


Food next followed by the moment Tom Beth and I had been dreading, our speech. We each took turns telling anecdotes and embarrassing Dad to no end. It went well, and we got plenty of laughs and only offended a few people, so a success.


The rest of the evening was spent with dancing, both traditional and drunk wedding dancing.

Of course, no big fat Greek wedding would be complete without the smashing of plates, something we all took great delight doing.

It was a perfect day and I hope what Dad and Natalie wanted. I certainly enjoyed myself.

Sooner than I would have liked it was time to head back to England. I had some to spend with mum which would be nice.

We had a Spa day, went to the cinema and went too 2 amazing gigs.


I enjoyed being home but longed to be back in Utila with Diving and Friends. This was made very apparent when we all shared a group skype.


Eventually it was time to head back to Utila. To complete my MSDT course and try and find some work!

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