Utila Part 3

Our trip back to Utila was a lot easier than leaving had been!

We stopped off again in Miami for a night and went for a lovely catch up dinner again with Kiki before a nice easy flight over to San Pedro Sula.

While waiting for our plane from San Pedro to Utila we had the joy of bumping into some other returning travellers Matt and Mady. Catching up with these guys certainly helped the nerves as we boarded the tiny plane for the hour flight.


Getting back was lovely and it was great catching up with everyone and hearing how their Christmas had been.

We had decided to get our own place while there so found a lovely 2-bedroom apartment and settled in,

I had bought myself a casing for my camera while away, so Sara and I spent days underwater both hunting for Lionfish and hunting for photo opportunities. Our days out of the water were taken up with Job Hunting.

We had been offered an interview for a job in Greece before leaving the UK which we eagerly accepted, unfortunately the job wasn’t until May. The interview came and went well.

We settled in for the wait to hear back if we had been successful.

The wait was helped when Guus decided to come back to the island for a visit. It was great catching up reminiscing. It also helped calm the nerves about the job, something that we both desperarly wanted.

Success, we got the job! Now to kill time until May. I had been lucky and been offered some freelance work on Utila at Utila Watersports. Teaching my first courses and getting paid for it!

It was indescribable how amazing it was to be working, id worked so hard to be in a position where I could earn money from my passion and it was now paying off.

Even better Sara had managed to find some freelance work at the same place. We even got to teach a course together.

We found ourselves nicely settled, working, among friends and somewhere we were both very happy.

When not working we were still able to dive, take great photos and even got the chance to be marooned on our own Caribbean island for a night.


Well I say marooned, we were in a nice room. A group of us got together and rented the island, and house on it for a night.

Stocked up with meat and booze we boarded a small boat for the half hour ride over.

We were greeted with a tiny island called Sandy Key that had only one house on it and a beach.

We feasted and drank and had a wonderful time, we played quarters, battle shots and Piccolo, a drinking game app.


it was paradise on earth.

Knowing my time on Utila would be coming to an end I got around to doing many of the things I had been meaning to do including the various Shot challenges, both Alcoholic and non.


Visiting the infamous Dr John.


Spending a day on Cayos Cochinos, a beautiful series of small islands between Roatan and the mainland.


We had a wonderful up close and personal encounter with some dolphins on the boat over and Sara and I spent the day exploring the wilderness. We came across an abandoned lighthouse and after climbing it had some incredible views of the islands.

Unfortunately, the work began to dry up and we started planning our escape and booked both our flights away from Utila and our flights to Greece with a month in the UK in-between.

Sods law, the day after booking our flights work picked up again, Sara working almost full out at Water Sports and Me getting some freelance work at UDC.

Having spent so long training at UDC it felt amazing to be working there, however briefly. Had things turned out differently I would have happily stayed working there for a long time. But our flights were booked!

All to quickly it was time for our last dives. The day was made by some amazing Whale Shark encounters which yielded some of my favourite photos to date.


We had decided to fly home from Roatan this time after the difficulties last time.

Roatan has a famous shark dive which I was keen to do. I had heard mixed reviews on it but decided to make up my own mind.

While I don’t agree with the chumming of the water the experience was out of this world.

20 sharks swimming close enough to touch staying for 20 minutes. The camera was going nonstop!


An uneventful 20 odd hour flight later and we were home for the month.

Much of this month was spent preparing for Greece, Sara furiously brushing up on her Russian and me watching the clock slowly tick down.

Being at separate ends of the country was hard work however we did get to see each other a few times while hope.

As I write this we are 3 days leaving for Greece. We have a fantastic holiday planned to explore Rhodes before the hard work begins!


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